A Coral-Fir is a plant from the moon Kyrill in the system The Cradle.


Biosphere: Kyrill

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: artioskyklosides

Class: sporophytes

Order: Kimoliafloiosids

Family: Occultofolii

Genus: Cretapinae

Species: Cretapinus Cretapinus


Comparative Xenobiology considers the Coral-Fir to be tree-like. It grows between two and eight meters tall, developing a massive central stem from which numerous smaller branches spread out. The Coral-Fir creates a thick "bark" on its stem consisting of chalk, while its branches are very thin. At the tips of their branches sit elongated and blade-shaped leaves, which are withdrawn into the inside of the stem during darkness.

Coral-Firs are spore-plants and propagate by seasonally releasing microscopic spores into the air.


Coral-Firs grow naturally and dispersed on higher elevations in the higher latitudes on the planetfaced side of Kyrill. They are dependant upon soils with a high content of chalk and are therefore a latter developement stage of forest growth, relying upon several generations of Kimoliafloiosids (chalk-bark plants) to have inhabited the soil before them.