The cuisine of the moon Silla developed out of the needs of destitute human refugees on a barren planet whose most accessible source for food were its cold, stormy oceans.

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Algae Edit

Algae farms along the coastlines of Silla provide the population with its number one ingredient: algae. Numerous different species of algae, both of terran and alien origin are cultivated on Silla, including many GMO-variants that provide for specific nutrients. These include algae rich in starches that are baked into bread, but also food for livestock. Algae are used in many recipes or served as a side-dish.

Mussels and clams Edit

One of the most important and reliable source of protein also stems from the tidal farms of the coastal areas: mussels and clams that are nourished by the cold, nutrient-rich water of Sillas oceans. They are often simply served just fried in butter as quick snack or alongside other meals.

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The most important farm animal across the entirety of the moon are sturdy and undemanding breeds of goats that subsist on the algae grown at tidal farms. They provide both milk and meat and either are common ingredients in the cuisine of Silla. The first processed into butter or cheese, the latter served in many different regional variations ranging from sausages to spicy meat skewers.

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Dishes from Silla are often onubstrusive in taste, usually relying on salt or even seawater for spicing, as more refined spices may be hard to acquire reliably on Silla. An exception is the use of sauce made of fermented fish or oysters, which has seen increasing popularity over the decades and is now often a staple condiment at restaurants.

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Afaso Edit

Considered an iconic recipe of Silla, Afaso - a portmanteau of "Algae farmers soup" - is a bland dish of fresh algae boiled in seawater. Fancier variants add vegetables or meat and the soup may be spiced with fish- or oystersauce, but those are hardly considered authentic by locals.

Cliffhome sausage Edit

Possibly the most famous regional variant of goat-sausage on Silla, the people of Cliffhome smoke their sausages over dried seaweed and store them in barrels filled with saltwater. They are served grilled, often in a breadroll made of special kinds of algae.

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