General Information
Origin Hearthland
Total Population  ?
Average Size 2,6 meters
Average Mass 140 kilogramms
Body Structure bilateral
Limbs four
Senses sight, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling
Language Type spoken
Biosphere Hearthland
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Bichordate

The Droome are a sentient species originating from the planet of Hearthland and the dominant species of the Pax Galactica. They appear as massive, towering creatures on two legs and live partly amphibic. Droome are cold-blooded, which is believed to have a specific influence on their thought process.


General PhysiologyEdit

Like most higher life on Hearthland, Droome bodies are structured around two parallel spines that lend stability to the body, serve as central nerve tracts and extend to form their limbs. Important organs, including the brain, are located between the spines and shielded from injury by a mesh of bones.

A Droomes shoulders extend far higher than its head, which is protruding at about two-thirds of its height and covered by a few vestigial hornplates. The brain is not located inside the head, but centrally within the body.

Droome breathe through a series of large nostrils on their back, as the lung is located in a sack between their shoulders. The nostrils can be contracted to make a great degree of different noises, the foundation of Droome speech.

The species is partly amphibic and while they can spend protracted periods on land, they usually submerge themselves in water to sleep in order to avoid dehydration. They are furthermore cold-blooded and throughout their history, have developed numerous ways to master the challenges expansion into colder climates has brought. Their cold-blooded nature is also believed to be the major factor shaping the thought-process of the Droome, as the entire species judges events solely from the outcome, not from intention.