Patriarchal families are the basic social unit in the Pax Galactica and both economy and politics are structured around them. The specific way in which the concept of family is practised in the Pax Galactica has developed in the region of Simmerica on Hearthland and later been enforced throughout the realm.


Family is understood within the Pax Galactica not in terms of genetic relations, but as the sum of individuals belonging to a single Patriarch. These need not necessarily be directly related to the Patriarch and in fact, family members may be traded between families for any variety of reasons.


As family is the foundation of society in the Pax Galactica, almost all laws of the empire are, directly or indirectly, pertaining to it. In public matters a family will always be represented by its Patriarch and leaving family property without permission of a Patriarch is a criminal offense throughout the Pax Galactica. Such permissions are usually granted for limited periods and specific tasks and the only notable exceptions are the Levies - recruits sent to serve for prolonged periods in the military in stead of their Patriarch.

Within family grounds a Patriarch enjoys almost unlimited powers and authority. The Pax Galactica generally respects families as autonomous bodies for which responsibility rests firmly within the hands of their patriarchs. The only limitation of note is the Proclamation of Rights passed 712 BDE, a historical document forbidding capital punishment and more excessive forms of corporal punishment within families.

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Despite the great degree of autonomy each family enjoys, there exist some administrative structures, honorary titles and positions of power that are commonly encountered within families throughout the Pax Galactica. The most widespread include:





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