The Hammer of Retribution is a class of battlecruisers produced by the Vammern Family in the Pax Galactica. It is designed primarily as a platform for the powerful Retribution of Ma'rr Mass Accelerator and is thus used for very long distance combat, possessing comparatively few defensive systems and little armor. As a relatively new design, introduced 141 ADE, the Hammer of Retribution is affected by the Imperial Weapons Export Edict and only the military of the Pax Galactica is in possession of these ships.


As its designers, members of the powerful Droome Vammern Family, are ardent followers of the Simmerican Faith and the main weapon of the ship is named after the revenge god Ma'rr, the Hammer of Retribution alludes to mythology as the weapon Ma'rr uses to strike down on enemies and cripple them as punishment for their sins.



Main GunEdit

The main gun of the Hammer of Retribution is the Retribution of Ma'rr Mass Accelerator. Being capable of accelerating a 20 kg slug of Plasma Steel to a speed of up to 29.000.000 m/s - nearly 10% the speed of light - the ships main gun is capable of penetrating entire ships from front to bow and even shatter armor plating made of superpressurized steel. The high speed of the projectile also reduces the probability of detection and evasion during long-range space combat.

Its main drawbacks are the long time required to accelerate the projectile - up to an hour for maximum force - and the enormous energy requirements, which severely hamper the ability of the Hammer of Retribution to field alternative weaponry, energy shielding or advanced combat systems. As a consequence, the Hammer of Retribution class usually operates in close tandem with reconaissance and command ships.

Secondary ArmamentEdit

In addition to its main gun, the Hammer of Retribution carries a set of 16 multi-purpose guns alongs its flank, capable of firing armor piercing rounds as well as flechettes for point defense and support rounds like flares and EMP shells. Compared to other ships of its size, this means the Hammer of Retribution has very little secondary firepower, forcing it to avoid direct engagements.