The Imperial Peace is a term for the laws forbidding acts of aggression between families in the Pax Galactica. It is one of its founding principles and the Pax Galacticas namesake.

The Imperial PeaceEdit


While warfare inbetween members of the Pax Galactica is officially outlawed, Imperial law stipulates conditions for ritualized dueling to settle disputes between families. A duel requires the consent of both families patriarchs, who appoint champions to fight on their behalf and also agree on the kind of duel to take place, as several dozen types of duels exist within the Pax Galactica. These range from highly ritualized wrestling matches to fencing duels to death.

Duels always have a concrete matter of dispute that is intended to be settle through this fight. These may be matters of honor, just as likely as they may be economic disputes or concerning matters of family members. In order to judge the duel, but also to enforce the losing side honoring its word, a third family is appointed as impartial judge in a formal duel.