Kyrillan Rice is a plant from the moon Kyrill in the system The Cradle. Its seeds are the primary staple food for the vast majority of Krark.

Taxonomy Edit

Biosphere: Kyrill

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: artioskyklosides






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Cultural Importance Edit

The oblong white seeds, rich in starch and sugars, are the most commonly used staple food within the Stellar Republic and its importance, especially to Planetfacing cultures, is as much reason for the naming of the plant as Kyrillan Rice as the superficial similiarity of the (larger) seeds to Oryza Sativa. It is also brewed into a number of different liquors by the Krark.

Culturally, Kyrillan Rice has served as symbol of prosperity and peace. In the Equatorial Marshes, a bowl of Kyrillan Rice is considered good luck and usually kept readily available somewhere near the entrance of ones home to offer to guests.