The Kyrillan Windstalk is a plant from the moon Kyrill in the system The Cradle.


Biosphere: Kyrill

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: artioskyklosides

Class: sporophytes

Order: Kimoliafloiosids

Family: Occultofolii

Genus: Monofolii

Species: Monofolium Zephyroculmus


Kyrillan Windstalks form a single, erected tube with a crust of chalk, which protects the plant from radiation on Kyrills planetfacing side. Windstalks grow up to one meter tall, topped by a leaf that is almost of the same size and retracted into the tubular stem during night. Below ground, Windstalks grow deep taproots that can reach up to three meters deep.


Windstalks are a common pioneer plant throughout the equatorial and subequatorial regions of Kyrills planetfacing side. They grow fast on clearings, regardless of soil, usually being the first Kimoliafloiosides ("chalk-barkers") to settle on barren stretches of land, growing into dense fields that can cover large swathes of earth.

Their ability to quickly generate considerable amounts of chalk and their fast growth usually means that Windstalks are followed by other complex lifeforms, who have no protection from Arraks radiation of their own, and that they prepare the soil for other plants. Especially larger Kimoliafloiosids, who are dependend upon a high content of chalk in the soil, often follow in the wake of Windstalks.