Lone Garden
State Pax Galactica
Planet Hearthland (planet)
Region Unknown
Type Castellan
Mayor Unknown
Elevation 2640 meters
Total Population 600.000
Population Density

Lone Garden is one of the main holdings of the Tenna family in the Pax Galactica. It contains the Summer residence of its patriarch, but is also a major industrial center.




Lone Garden lies on a highland valley in central Sylvania, surrounded on three sides by mountains. A small stream, the Freshwater Rush, runs centrally through it.

Climate Edit

The climate of the region is dry, continental and temperate. Summers are characterized by recurring short heatwaves, with temperatures above thirty degrees Celsius, while winter is similiarily characterized by short but intense periods in which temperatures fall far below the freezing point, up to minus thirty degrees.



Lone Garden is one of the important industrial centers of the Tenna family and a major source of wealth of its patriarch. Ores extracted from the surrounding mountains are processed here and apart from metallurgical industry, Lone Garden also possesses large robotics factories. The holding provides most of the Tenna family with robots for both industrial and service purposes, but also trading.

Government and politics Edit


Summer Palace of the Patriarch Edit

The Summer Palace of the Patriarch was originally built as a retreat during the heat of the summer months around the year 250 BDE.A sprawling mass of gardens and mansions, the Summer Palace resides over the rest of the city on an elevated plateau surrounded by three rows of Patriarch Oaks. The complex is a prime example of Early Imperial Architecture, making extensive use of brass, gold and pallasite stones. Nowadays it is rarely in use by the Patriarch himself, as he spents most his time in Darkwater for political reasons. Selected family members are awarded the honor of maintaining the facility - and inhabiting it - in his stead.



Theater Edit

One of the primary cultural institutions of Lone Garden is the large central theater complex built in 212 BDE. It is primarily dedicted to Sylvanian Epic Dances and features recurring shows about the history of the Tenna family and great deeds of its patriarchs. Once a year it hosts a festival dedicated to the memory of the family's role in the Darkwater Crisis.