Numerous diverse movements exist in the Pax Galactica which are fundamentally opposed to its social order. Their causes and means however, vary.

Bloodrights Movement Edit

The Bloodrights Movement is chiefly opposed to the structure of family within the Pax Galactica and their main point of contention is the anonymous breeding of eggs. Bloodrighters aim for an abolishing of the laws forbidding personal breeding, but may in some cases be more radical and seek an abolishment of the patriarchal system. Often it is difficult to establish the exact boundary between individual acts of defiance, such as a mother breeding her own eggs in secret, and the actual Bloodrights Movement.

Mercantilists Edit

Mercantilists oppose the economic structure of the Pax Galactica, seeking the spread of trade and the use of money, the abolishment of the semi-feudal system and a greater emphasis on individualism.

Centralists Edit

Centralists support a single, unified leadership, usually a despotic Emperor figure. The movement was once the single most important political movement in the Pax Galactica, but has been largely discredited and severely scrutinized following the failed coup of the Heebrith family.