The Senatorial Guard is a section of the military of the Stellar Republic tasked with protecting the lifes of the Senators, the highest ranking members of the government of the Republic.


Only applications by individuals with outstanding service record and unquestionable loyalty are considered for service in the Senatorial Guard. A minimum of ten years of service within an active combat unit is required and applicants must be Krark, making the Senatorial Guard the only remaining section of the Stellar Republic's military that openly discriminates against other species.

To join the Senatorial Guard, one must give permission to both cybernetic implants, including a mind-machine-interface, as well as retroactive genetic imprinting. No other soldiers in the Stellar Republic are so thoroughly tailored to the requirements of their duty and joining the Senatorial Guard is thus considered a very extreme commitment, with more critical voices describing it as dead-end street as many of the changes intended to maximize the efficiency of its members are irrevocable and come with a major impact to the everyday life of the soldiers in question.



The Senatorial Guard has access to the most advanced weapons and tools in the arsenal of the Stellar Republic. This includes thermo-optic camouflage and state of the art combat suits.