The Stellar Empire was an intergalactic realm in the Aleph Sector, noted for its expansionist policies, both economic and colonial. Its dominant species were the Krark and it had developed from the space colonization authorities of the Krark nations on their homeworld Kyrill. Later in its developement, the Empire grew to include the species of the Drynn, the Bohon and the Ents as vassals.

In the year 102 ADE the Emperor was overthrown and the Imperial Senate proclaimed the Stellar Republic.


Political StructureEdit

The Stellar Empire was ruled by an absolutist autocrat, the Emperor, who was appointed for life. Legally, he was the sole authority in the entire realm and all political power was concentrated in his hands, though he could distribute rights and powers amongst his subjects at will, which was made liberal use of at all times.

Below the Emperor was the Senate, composed of delegates from the major nations of Kyrill. The Senate had the task of appointing a new Emperor, if the incumbent passed away, as well as serving advisory and administrative roles as specified by the Emperor. Throughout most of its history, the Senate of the Stellar Empire saw intense infighting as well as power struggles with the Emperor, including a total of two known assassinations of Emperors ordered by Senators.


Foreign RelationsEdit