The Super-Nova class of fregates is an advanced type of combat ship in service with the military of the Stellar Republic. Its predecessor, the Nova-class Fregate had been hailed as groundbreaking design for its inclusion of fighter bays on a small combat ship. Further developing these design principles, the Super-Nova has proven a highly capable warship that is commonly seen with border patrols and convoy escorts of the Stellar Republic, but rarely exported.



The Super-Nova stayed true to the principles that had made its predecessor a success. Just like the Nova it features the same rear-mounted fighter-bay with a magnetic quick-docking mechanism that allows for docking at higher speeds. While many updates of the control systems had improved the design of this docking bay during the lifetime of the Nova-class, the component itself has remained unchanged.

However, for the rest of the vessel its creators at Caharr Spaceyards had decided to create an entirely new design from scratch, using advanced computer simulations to streamline the hull to present as little target as possible during combat. All weapon systems, including the 5 main guns and the 12 flak batteries, were designed fully retraceable to minimize signature and improve the efficiency of the Meshed Carbonite armor plating.

The ship is powered by dual fusion reactors and possesses advanced heatsinks that allow for prolonged stealth operations.