The Divide is a region in the Aleph Sector, consisting of twenty starsystems in total. It is an anarchic region without stable power structures, formed in the wake of the Human Culling Campaign and made up of those systems the Septoid Supremacy could not permanently occupy.

Its proximity to the Supremacy however means it is under the constant threat of raids, while the chaotic conditions perpetuated by the repeated attacks have further destabilized the region. As a consequence, the Divide is largely seen as a buffer zone seperating the Septoid Supremacy from most of the rest of the Aleph Sector.


Living ConditionsEdit

Factions within the DivideEdit

Human PartisansEdit

Numerous human resistance organizations of varying size and ideology operate within the Divide, trying to resist Septoid slave raids, sabotage their operations and ensure the survival of human colonists in the region. Some of the more powerful, such as the Railroad have extended operations into the Septoid Supremacy itself, defying the tight security of the Septoid regime.


On the opposite end of the spectrum are numerous slaver gangs which deal primarily with the Septoids and to a lesser degree with crime syndicates in the wider Aleph Sector. They often organize raids on human colonies, turning over the prisoners to the highest bidder, including the Septoid Supremacy. Slaver organizations tend to be small and loosely organized, avoiding the establishment of permanent bases that could make them a target for human resistance organizations.

Crime Syndicates Edit

The virtual non-existance of any form of centralized government and law enforcement - occasional incursions by Sentinels of the Republic or Knights from the Pax Galactica not withstanding - has allowed for organized crime to thrive within the Divide. These syndicates deal in various illegal substances, drugs, weapons, counterfeits, stolen data, software and even slaves, supplying neighbouring systems with easy access to aforementioned goods and earning enough of a profit to even arrange themselves with the Septoid incursions if need be.