General Information
Origin Clearsky
Total Population  ?
Average Size 0,5 to 15 meters
Average Mass 30 to 4000 kilogramms
Body Structure bilateral
Limbs 6 to 22
Senses sight, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling, heat vision
Language Type sign language
Biosphere Clearsky
Kingdom Animalia
Species Timeri Sapiens

The Timeri are a sentient species known in particular for their virtual immortality - a Timeri never dies from old age and keeps growing throughout their life - as well as a particularily troublesome puberty. Their homeplanet is Clearsky in the Thanatos System, part of the Pax Galactica.

Biology Edit

General Physiology Edit

Timeri possess a segmented body with several limbs and an exoskeleton, comparable to that of a terran centipede. As they age and grow, additional segments with additional pairs of legs will develope.Their uppermost pair of limbs possesses opposeable claws.

Virtual Immortality Edit

A particularily well-known aspect of Timeri physiology is their virtual immortality, meaning a Timeri will not die of old age and can theoretically live forever if protected from injury and disease. In past eras this was somewhat mitigated by the fact that, as Timeri age, they keep growing to the point that their bodies eventually become unable to sustain themselves, suffocating Timeri who aged beyond a certain point under their own weight. Modern medicine however allows for growth to be stopped through artificial means.

Puberty Edit

As Timeri age and reach maturity, they go through a phase of particularily troublesome puberty in which their hormonal regulation becomes chaotic. In concrete terms this means that adolescent Timeri are extraordinarily violent and aggressive, easily angered and excited, but also prone to sudden mood-swings in either direction. In human terms, adolescent Timeri have also been characterized as manic-depressive as well as borderline and psychopathic to describe their state of mind. Encounters with roving hordes of adolescent Timeri have tainted the image of the species somewhat, but it must be stressed that this period of their life encompasses only two to four years and is seen as particularily stressful and undesirable by the Timeri themselves.

Culture Edit