"Unity of Minds" is a philosophical concept of the Septoid Supremacy. Its fundamental principle is to devote the self and the whole of society to singular goals at any given point in time and thus to focus all energies and thoughts upon achieving it.

Septoid Psychology Edit

The psychological background of this concept is formed by the radial body structure of the Septoids, with seven autonomous brains in each Septoid forming a sort of collective individuality that is experienced distinctively by members of the species, especially at times of rest.

Unity of the Individual Edit

"Unity of Minds" seeks to overcome this state and to unify the often contradictory experiences and thoughts by giving them singular purpose. The different parts of the individuals self are to devote themselves to achieving the common goal, erasing their own sense of independence in the process and for the duration of the task.

Unity of Species Edit

Likewise, such 'unity through purpose' is advocated at the level of state and society. Just as inner conflict between autonomous centers of thought within the individual is erased through focus on a common goal, strife and disharmony between the members of the species are to be erased by focusing each individual on a common goal, replacing their individuality with purpose.