The Western Rim is a region in the Aleph Sector and forms the border between the Pax Galactica and the Iron Concordate. Most worlds in the Rim are underdeveloped and burdened with the legacy of the Great Imperial War that was fought mostly within the region, leaving behind large amounts of deathly automated wargear, biological weapons and sizeable minefields. At the same time, the weak presence of the authorities, cheap land on habitable planets and the abundance of scrap technology and ressource has attracted a large number of fortune-seekers and adventurous spirits from both realms who have settled the region.

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Almost all planets in the Western Rim have been battlegrounds during the Great Imperial War and the ubiquitous usage of automated combat drones, mines and biological warfare during the conflict mean that life in the Western Rim is rife with some particular threats. Many of the automated weapons used are still active to this day, either carrying out assigned missions to eternity or locked on stand-by mode, waiting for unsuspecting salvagers to reactivate it.

On some planets, entire landscapes have been mined and remain virtually impassable to this very day and undetonated orbital bombs threaten people even outside of those areas. Some bombs carry particularily dangerous biological or chemical agents, threatening to poison the populations of entire continents in some cases.