Zeist is a planet in the Phoenix system in the Pax Galactica. A the homeworld of the No-Maki, the planet is a rich life-bearing world hosting a great diversity of different eco-systems and also being the site of all major centers of No-Maki civilization, making Zeist a major economic and cultural center of the empire.

Name and etymologyEdit

Zeist is an approximate transliteration of the Simmerican name for the planet, which predates the first contact between Droome and No-Maki. After Zeists existence was discovered by astronomers on Hearthland, the researches awarded the planet this name that could be translated as "garden of Eden", as it is representative of a similiar concept originating from Simmerican mythology.

Astronomical characteristicsEdit

Composition and structureEdit


Zeists surface is shaped by active plate tectonics, consisting of 6 major plates forming three continents termed "Magnus", "Minus" and "Minimus". Most of the landmass is aligned along the equatorial line, while the poles are covered in deep oceans under a thick crust of ice. Active volcanism keeps changing the appearance of the planet and especially the northern edge of the Magnus continent, the "Steamy Coast", is renowned for its great degree of volcanic activism.



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Culture and economyEdit